New research published on patrimonialism and resilience in Congo

Posted: June 16, 2014 by zm2vpd in Uncategorized

Claudia Seymour, a Research Associate in the Development Studies department, has published a new piece on patrimonialism and resilience in eastern Congo. Her research draws on interviews with young people and this article focuses on the concept of being ‘zero in the court of nine to zero’ as explained to her by one of her interviewees.

Here is the abstract (full article is published in Children’s Geographies (2014)

“This article examines how young people living in the Kivu provinces, Democratic Republic of
Congo, attempt to engage with existing social support in their efforts to cope with protracted
structural and political violence. Through an examination of narrative, visual and written data,
this article describes how decades of violence have broken down traditional support structures,
leaving young people with few options for effective coping beyond engaging in patronage
relationships. This article examines how young people situate themselves in positions of
weakness in order to gain material support and protection as they attempt to cope with a
lack of material resources and other forms of insecurity.”






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