Cluster meeting 24 October – Leena Kotilainen

Posted: October 10, 2013 by zm2vpd in Uncategorized

Our first VPD research cluster meeting will take place on 24 October, 4-5pm in B101. Our presenter is Leena Kotilainen. Please come along!

Pornography of violence, ethnography of emotions

Ethical challenges of reporting research findings from a post-conflict society


The purpose of the presentation is to address two interrelated ethical challenges in reporting research results from a post-conflict society: emotions and fair presentation.Firstly, the often neglected question of emotions is contemplated. Can a researcher have emotions? At first sight the question might seem peculiar, but is actually very relevant to any researcher working with traumatised people. Should researcher’s own emotions be revealed and reflected in the research output? How can the negligence or inclusion of emotions affect the research results?  Secondly, the challenges of reporting extreme violence are discussed: How to be fair to informants’ realities but not, at the same time, write a “pornography of violence”? These questions are reflected through research data collected in the period of four months in Liberia including over 120 background interviews, thousands of pictures and 26 photo interviews conducted with young female soldiers that took part in the country’s civil wars. 


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