Here’s an abstract of the paper I’ll be presenting paper at BFE-ICTM-Ireland conf this week

Posted: April 3, 2013 by zm2vpd in Uncategorized

The Afro-Brazilian art of capoeira has transformed from a localised illegal activity to a global phenomenon. Better known for its somatic expression, capoeira uses music as a key source of continuity, individual and group identity, and resistance. As capoeira’s reach depends largely on digital technology and a globalised market, communication between the musicians and their audience has become diffuse and unbounded, and the market presents pressures on capoeira groups both to innovate (to produce more and different music) and to claim authenticity (generate scarcity). This paper examines contemporary digital recordings released by groups based in Salvador with respect to the functions that capoeira music has conventionally played. Specifically it asks: how is continuity mediated through the twin priorities of innovation and authenticity; how is identity relayed to a largely unknown group; and how are the messages of resistance packaged for a global audience? The paper draws conclusions about the contemporary construction of history through music, and how this affects the political sites and processes of contestation described by capoeira music.


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